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January 20, 2013
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Amnesia: The Musical by mrbillyjoebob Amnesia: The Musical by mrbillyjoebob
Please read the full description. Thanks.

(EDIT: Returning to this, I just realized how rude the above request seems...not to mention how daunting the prospect of reading ALL O DIS seems. So...don't read it if you don't want to. Or do. Or whatever.)

"Amnesia: The Musical" was an online fanproject that was started and abandoned in 2012. It was originally supposed to be released online simultaneously with a demo of the production’s main theme: “My Name Is Daniel”, but production was unexpectedly stopped when both I and MissMackenzieKate (A former dA member) decided to move on to pursue different projects.

The initial interest into developing Amnesia: The Dark Descent into a musical production came from Mackenzie. As the first draft of another Amnesia musical; Justine: The Musical, was nearly complete, Miss Mackenzie did me the great honor of demoing Justine’s main theme, a song entitled “Today I Was”. As a token of my appreciation, I wrote her a song which eventually became the basis for “My Name Is Daniel”. And thus, Amnesia: The Musical’s long and complicated journey began.

I must admit that initially, I was less than enthusiastic about the idea of a musical centered around the beloved PC Horror Game. After all, Amnesia was a game that was meant to be experienced. The experience was what made the game so beloved to begin with. Conveying those same emotions and feelings the game created would be impossible to do on stage. But still, I had several ideas for character songs, which I wrote. Eventually, I compiled all of the different songs together and wrote a short, vague synopsis for the show. It originally featured many characters that were cut from the final draft, and it had no intermission.

Throughout the first stages of development, I was still unimpressed with my own workings. The story was flimsy, and the actual purpose of the story was almost nonexistent. I’m not sure when my muse began to actually put faith in this show, but I did eventually grow very fond of this project.
Eventually, I began to connect all of the subplots. I realized that Amnesia’s underlying messages actually contain a very notable story; that of a young boy named Daniel whose only goal was to impress his peers and seek out adventure, only to have his own innocence and happiness ripped away from him. As I began to connect each of the supporting characters—Alexander, the little Zimmerman girl, Daniel’s younger sister, even Herbert—each of them had a goal in life. Each of them yearned to eventually find their own happy ending…none of which ever came. Finally, a basis for a story point was created.

As the production became better development-wise, several changes were made. A prologue was made, several characters were deleted, new characters were added, and characters that were without backstories in the game became fully-developed, three-dimensional characters. Many details given in the game were slightly changed in order to improve the story for a stage format.

However, when the first draft of Amnesia: The Musical was almost complete, the project was suddenly dropped when Mackenzie and I moved on to new things. We agreed not to look at any of the Amnesia files (including the five different logos that were designed, and the only demo we managed to create - see below).

Skip ahead maybe five months, and I (despite my obligations) decided to take a gander at what we had created. I was appalled. I was more than appalled. My songs were absolute rubbish. Clunky, awkward lyrics clouded an oddly structured plot synopsis…but I could see potential. And with that, I began to edit.

During the edits, the synopsis was barely tweaked, and almost every song had a few lyric changes. Several song were cut, such as many of Alexander’s numbers (The older version included a whopping FIVE melodramatic character songs that all basically dealt with the same thing. Only one of these character songs; “Remember Me” survived.)

So we’re left with what I have now.
An unfinished list of songs from the first draft of a musical based on a horror game.


SYNOPSIS/SONG LIST DOWNLOAD: (Forgive me if you find any typos) [link]

SONG DEMO "The Sun Is Always Rising In The Morning": [link]

(Is there is any problems with the links, please notify me.)
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I'd love to see this
mrbillyjoebob Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
As would I. :)
mrbillyjoebob Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw yeah.
mrbillyjoebob Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Depends on the song. Some of these I already have ideas for.
Ah, thanks for the heads up. But what songs, may I ask?
mrbillyjoebob Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Songs I have no idea on are:

My Name Is Daniel
Are We Not Good Enough For You?
The Expedition
Daniel, Remember
Way Back When
and Someone Broken
Katie-Kat1129 Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That sounds amazing. I'd love to see Amnesia as a play, as I'm too scared to play the actual game.
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